What you’ll learn

  • Complete Cloud Infrastructure for Google Cloud Certification
  • Learn the Skills needed to be successful Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Make informed decisions about Containers, VMs and AppEngine in Cloud
  • Save time in preparing Multiple Google Cloud Certification exams.
  • Learn about the infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud Platform

Course Introduction

GCP Course Introduction


Introducing Google Cloud Platform

Introducing Google Cloud
What is Cloud Computing
How We Reached on Cloud
GCP Services Overview
Google Network Infrastructure
GCP Regions & Zones
GCP User Friendly Pricing
Why Choose Google Cloud
GCP Multi Layered Security


Google Cloud Account SetUp

Create Free Tier GCP Account
Google Cloud Web Console
SetUp Billing Export in GCP
SetUp Billing Alerts
Bonus : Jenkins Master Class Course


Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform

Lab : Cloud Shell


Functions of Cloud Shell

GCP Resource Hierarchy
The Google Cloud Platform resource hierarchy
Interacting with Google Cloud Platform
Cloud Marketplace
Get Start with Cloud Launcher


Google Cloud Compute Engine

About this Section
Google Compute Engine
Lab : Create Google Virtual Machine
Lab : Edit Running Compute Engine
Lab: Create Custom Machine in GCP
Lab: Submit StartUp Script | Execute Tomcat on Compute Engine
Source Code Repository for this Course
Lab: Create VM using Command Line
Kubernetes & Google Kubernetes Engine
Docker & Kubernetes Complete Course
GKE : Google Kubernetes Engine
Google Kubernetes Engine Lab 1
Google Kubernetes Engine Lab 2
Text Direction : Google Kubernetes Lab
App Engine In Google Cloud
App Engine Standard Environment
App Engine Flexible Environment
Standard vs Flexible Environment


Google Cloud Storage

About this Section
Storage Options Overview
Cloud Storage in GCP
Interact with Cloud Storage
Lab : Working with Cloud Storage Buckets
Lab : Create Bucket & Data using CLI
Lab : Execute Application and Create Data in Cloud Storage
Transfer Services in GCP
Lab : Transfer Service in GCP
Lab : SetUp Cloud Storage SetUp for CLI
Text Direction : Lab SetUp Cloud Storage SetUp for CLI
Lab : Custom Encryption key in Cloud Storage


Architect Relational DataBase(RDBMS) In GCP

About this Section
Understadaning of Cloud SQL & Cloud Spanner
Lab : Create Cloud SQL DB
Lab : Execute Cloud SQL DB
Text Direction : Execute Cloud SQL DB
Lab : Bulk Load in Cloud SQL DB
Lab : Demo on Cloud Spanner


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network in GCP

About this Section
VPC in GCP Intro
Global Network and Subnets
Role of IP Addresses In GCP
Lab : VPC IPs Distribution
Routes in VPC
Firewalls in VPC
Firewall Rules Logging in GCP
Lab : Network Firewalls in GCP
Lab : VPC Network in GCP
Interconnecting Networks in GCP
Lab : Cloud VPN & VPN Tunnels
Text Direction : Cloud VPN & VPN Tunnels Lab
Function of Cloud Router
Lab : Cloud Routers for Routing in GCP
Shared VPC in GCP


Instance Management & Load Balancing in GCP

About the Section
Instance Templates of Compute Engine
Lab : Create Instance Template & Instances
Dive in Instance Groups
Lab : Manage Instace Groups
Help : Load Balancers in GCP
Load Balancers in GCP
HTTP/HTTPS Load Balancer
Components of HTTPS Load Balancer
Lab – HTTPS Load Balancing
Bonus : Kubernetes MasterClass Course


Google Cloud Monitoring and Logging

StackDriver Introduction
StackDriver Monitoring Concepts
StackDriver Logging Concepts
Lab : StackDriver Monitoring
Lab : StackDriver Monitoring Alerts
Deployment Manager in GCP
Lab – Deployment Manager Hands-On
Lab – Create Multiple Services & Update Deployment Manager
Text Direction : Lab – Deployment Manager Hands-On


Google Cloud Access and Identity Management

GCP IAM Introduction
Cloud IAM : Members
Cloud IAM : Roles
Cloud IAM : Policies
Cloud IAM : Best Practices
Lab : Cloud IAM


Google Virtual Machine and Images

About the Section
Live Migration in GCP
Lab: GCP VM Type
Billing Model for Machine Types
Google Images
Lab : Create Custom Image and Use It
Custom Images vs Start-Up Scripts


Google Cloud BigTable

About this Section
GCP BigTable Introduction
BigTable Model & Architecture
Columnar DataBase
BigTable Performance
Lab : BigTable
Text Direction : Lab BigTable


Google Cloud DataStore

DataStore Introduction & Application
FireStore Native vs DataStore Mode
Lab : DataStore
Bonus : Selenium UI Automation MasterClass


Google Cloud BigQuery

About this Section
BigQuery Introduction
BigQuery Application
Case Study : When to Use BigQuery
Lab : BigQuery on CSV Data Handling
Text Direction : Lab CSV Data Handling in BigQuery
Lab : JSON Data Handling in BigQuery
Text Direction : Lab – JSON Data Handling in BigQuery
Lab : Practice DataSet in BigQuery
Lab : BigQuery via CLI
Text Direction : Lab – BigQuery via CLI
Lab : WikiData in BigQuery
Text Direction : Lab – WikiData in BigQuery


DataFlow in Google Cloud

DatFlow Introduction
Apache Beam
Lab : Running Python DataFlow
Text Direction: Running Python DataFlow
Lab : Running DataFlow using Java
Lab : Running DataFlow using Java Part 2


DataProc in Google Cloud

DataProc Intro and Application
Lab : Create DataProc Cluster
Lab : Access Cloud DataProc from Local/Cloud Machine
Lab : Running a PySpark Job on DataProc
Lab : Provision DataProc Cluster with Command Line
Text Direction : Lab – Provision DataProc Cluster with Command Line


Pub/Sub for Data Streaming in Google Cloud

Pub/Sub Introduction and Applications
Lab : Working on Pub/Sub
Lab : Pub/Sub using CLI
Text Direction : Lab – Pub/Sub using CLI
Lab : Setting Up Pub/Sub Using Python
Text Direction : Lab – Setting Up Pub/Sub Using Python


Thank You Note & Bonus

Bonus Lectures

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