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About Khalsa Computer Training Institute | Online Coaching in Kanjhawala Village

Khalsa Computer Training Institute is envisioned to provide Spark Sql,Splunk,Sqoop,Statistics,Tableau,Talend,Teradata,Weka,Zookeeper,Plotly courses. to foster appropriate attitudes. the institute promote research in technology to produce highly competence and versatile professionals who participate in comprehensive development and growth to build a strong nation and establish itself as a Indias leading Institute of technology.The world has become a global village placing high demands of cross cultural adaptability on the young people today and added to this is the need for personal and professional growth which has become an ongoing lifelong learning process. Khalsa Computer Training Institute provides the best specialized Software Training for various fields such as Openshift,Puppet,Saltstack,Scrapy,Svn,Unix,Linux Admin,Ubuntu,Virtualization2.0,Qlikview courses.Most of the participants who did course at Khalsa Computer Training Institute got place in Software Training Courses by the time they completed their course. We provide high quality IT training with excellent placement opportunities for students in the areas of Logistic Regression In Python,Machine Learning,Pybrain,Scikit Learn,Tensorflow,Theano,Time Series,Drupal,Electron,Power Bi courses.Khalsa Computer Training Institute was established in 2008 is a Kanjhawala Village based consultancy offering services in the education sector. We provide IT Trainings Online and hands on training to students in the fields of Documentdb Sql,Documentdb,Dynamodb,H2 Database,Hsqldb,Ims Db,Mariadb,Memcached,Mongodb,Extjs courses.Research based innovation a key driver at Khalsa Computer Training Institute has enabled the organization to develop programs and curriculum training delivery. We provide services for IT Trainings Online programs like Openshift,Puppet,Saltstack,Scrapy,Svn,Unix,Linux Admin,Ubuntu,Virtualization2.0,Qlikview courses. Training in Kanjhawala Village.

Khalsa Computer Training Institute Training Features

• Feasible Payment Process
• Global Certification Assistance
• Industry-relevant course curriculum
• Interactive online learning sessions
• Study Material prepared by our real time experts
• Courses for working professionals & Job Apirants